Our Cavoodle and Poodle Family

Our dogs and their pups are really members of our family.

Sir Louis

The senior member of my family is Louis, my fertile stud Poodle, who is unrelated to any of the females. Louis is a medium sized Toy Poodle, apricot in colour. He is gentle, affectionate, obedient, and loyal. He has a calm persona, and is a quiet success with the girls, a romantic boy.


She is our oldest Cavalier, a Blenheim (two colour; red & white), with a soft long coat, which is lovely to touch. She is loving, loyal, and obedient, loves being inside and enjoys the comfort of a couch or bed, if given the opportunity!  Ruby has retired from breeding and has been rehomed to Adelaide.


This small, fun loving, smart, energetic, adventurous, and playful Toy Poodle is a pleasure to watch and be with. She loves swimming! A joyful 3+ year old.

These pups are available now.


She is a young Cavalier, a little reserved and timid, a big and rangey 2 year old.


A beautiful example of the Cavalier breed, she is an affectionate, happy, loyal member of the family.


Everybody loves Missy. She is endearing, a children’s favourite, and the youngest of our family. Here she is holding paws with Toby, a visiting Cavoodle bred by Helen some years ago.

Coco Noir

Coco is a female, a young Toy Poodle. She joined Helen’s family earlier this year from an unrelated line and will be able to have her first litter in 2021. She is fun and energetic, a retriever, and a delight to have around. She wins the heart of everyone who meets her. Here she is in her winter jacket.


: Gertie is a little older than Coco. She is a pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who also comes from an unrelated breeding line. She exhibits traditional Cavalier shape, Blenheim colour and behaviour. As she grows she is exerting her personality and establishing her place in the family. Helen also hopes to commence breeding with her next year.